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In an ever-expanding competitive battlespace, materials innovation is critical to maintaining strategic superiority in the undersea domain. CET is redefining unmanned vehicle mission duration and capability by developing and integrating UUV hull structures, systems, and pressure vessels out of carbon fiber, using both traditional and additive manufacturing methods and techniques.

Themed Attractions

Developing ride vehicles and show-action equipment for our global theme park customers has been part of the CET portfolio since 2013. We excel at delivering these vehicles and ride-elements to satisfy the needs of the most discerning clients, with the most demanding park guests and ride enthusiasts. Today, CET’s ride systems and equipment can be found in 5 different parks globally.

Carbon Fiber Pressure Vessels

Through comprehensive engineering studies conducted in partnership with the College of Engineering at the University of Rhode Island, CET has developed engineering models to optimize the fabrication of underwater carbon fiber pressure vessels. These models have been thoroughly validated and proven through testing at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) Hydrostatic Test Facility.


Our decades-long legacy of boatbuilding continues to inform our occasional and highly curated marine research and development projects. From electric propulsion to foiling technology and beyond, our portfolio of sea-going surface vehicles continues to grow, and break boundaries.


Our architectural work includes collaborations with world-renowned architects and designers, including Renzo Piano, Toshiko Mori, and Anish Kapoor for both interior and exterior projects. CET has engineered, fabricated, and installed numerous large, complicated composite solutions for Fortune 50 companies around the world, including Apple and Comcast.

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