RHODE ISLAND — U.S. Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island visited Composite Energy Technologies Inc. (“CET”) to learn more about current capabilities and in-process developments which are increasing the Navy’s undersea capabilities, at significant cost savings.

Reed, the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, visited CET for briefings, to tour the manufacturing headquarters in Bristol, Rhode Island, and to meet members of the Design, Engineering, and Production teams.

“As always, it is an honor to have Sen. Reed visit us and great for Sen. Reed to have direct conversations with members of the CET team on the floor, while they are actively engineering and manufacturing next generation full ocean depth carbon fiber Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) for the Navy.” said Chase Hogoboom, President of CET.   “The folks we have comprising each of our teams,” Hogoboom continues, “are key to CET’s speed and agility when solving complex problems.”

“It’s great to see Rhode Island companies thriving and contributing to our Blue Economy.  CET specializes in building cutting edge underwater vehicles that have important applications in the civilian market and for national security.  I will continue working at the federal level to help Rhode Island companies compete, grow, and contribute to our national defense,” said Senator Reed.

(Above) Sen. Reed speaking with CET Inc. Design team, Sabrina Kanaley, and Chief Technology Officer, Eric Goetz about recent innovations. (Credit: CET, Inc.)

CET is committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible by actualizing the vision and innovation of its people. Founded on the premise of defying and redefining what is possible, CET seeks to reward its teams who question, solve, and create new ways to tackle seemingly impossible challenges. As a company celebrating over a decade of being leaders of innovation and technological advancements, CET strives to foster a culture that embraces novelty and teamwork.

Also during Sen. Reed’s visit, CET gave a sneak-peek of a major expansion project of its headquarters facility, with an expected completion in Summer 2022. Hogoboom and Goetz appreciate that CET solves complex defense and underwater needs, and as the infrastructure expands to support our capabilities, the co-founders are eager to evolve as a company with greater internal resources to support employees across all functions.

About CET: Founded in 2010, CET is an industry-leader in research, design, engineering and manufacturing of complex carbon composite vehicles, underwater pressure vessels, structures, integrated systems, and other forms of specialized equipment for commercial and defense applications. CET crafts work that has performed across seven continents for all operational environments, including, Surface, Aerial, and Undersea to full-ocean depth. The company’s headquarters and manufacturing facilities are in Rhode Island with an office in New York. For more information, please visit www.compositeenergytechnologies.com.