CET was recently awarded an Innovation Voucher that will allow us to work with a world-renowned acoustician, Dr. James Miller, PhD, to conduct research, analysis, and improvements, for CET and our engineering team.

The Innovation Voucher program unlocks R&D capacity for Rhode Island small businesses. Companies with 500 employees or less can receive up to $50,000. Rhode Island manufacturers have the option to use the Innovation Voucher to fund an internal R&D project.

Understanding the acoustic reflective, absorption and transparency of carbon fiber would position CET to design, engineer, and construct more effective dual-use undersea systems, that meet or exceed the current acoustic profiles of deployed, legacy constructed, UUV’s.

The knowledge gained from the Innovation Voucher investment would position CET to create a more compelling, data-backed sales case, and position us to take advantage of the rapidly expanding unmanned vehicle sales space.

RI gives R&D money to underwater vehicle and materials companies