Chase Hogoboom


Chase Hogoboom is President and Chairman of Composite Energy Technologies Inc. (CET Inc.). Hogoboom co-founded CET Inc. in 2010 and is responsible for leading the company to support multinational and institutional customers in deep sea exploration and themed attractions industries. Prior to forming CET Inc., Hogoboom held several positions at U.S. Sailing, including leadership roles across finance and strategy departments focusing on organization development and Olympic fundraising. When the opportunity arose for Hogoboom to co-found CET Inc., he was eager to apply his operational and strategic background to help reshape Goetz Custom Sailboats into CET Inc. The company worked with customers in the defense, entertainment, architectural, and marine industries, to assume a commercial focus as an integrated solutions company specializing in underwater technology and themed attractions. CET Inc. now has partnerships and joint ventures with other global industry experts to engineer, design, produce and deliver integrated capabilities to customers. Hogoboom holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Brown University and is a founding member of the Composites Alliance of Rhode Island and serves on several boards, including Eating with the Ecosystem.