Eric Goetz

Chief Technology Officer

Eric Goetz is Chief Technology Officer and Vice Chairman of Composite Energy Technologies Inc. (CET Inc.). Goetz co-founded CET Inc. in 2010 and is responsible for leading an underwater technology and themed attractions company, where he applies his cutting-edge knowledge and development of materials and processes. Prior to co-founding CET Inc. in 2010, Goetz was the founder of Goetz Custom Sailboats in 1975, a founder of Goetz Marine Technology (currently GMT Composites) in 1984, and a founder of Resolute Racing Shells in 1995. Goetz is an industry trailblazer in that he was one of the first designers and builders to integrate aerospace-grade carbon fiber to increase stiffness and remove weight from racing sailing vessels. Goetz continued to push the limits and applications of composites, becoming the key deployment leader at CET Inc. The company has partnerships and joint ventures with multiple global industry experts to engineer, design, produce and deliver integrated capabilities to customers that Goetz orchestrates as Chief Technology Officer. Goetz holds a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from Brown University, and he serves on the Board of Trustees for the 401 Tech Bridge and Rhode Island Marine Trades Association.