TJ Perrotti

Senior Naval Architect/ Chief Design Engineer

T.J. Perrotti, an accomplished naval architect and marine engineer, manages the Composite Energy Technologies design and engineering team. Perrotti brings over thirty-five years of experience to the design table. He is presently managing the design of deep sea, extended range, unmanned underwater vehicles. He led Ocean Aero’s naval architecture team in the design of their unmanned surface/underwater vehicles Silent Arrow, Cuttlefish and Submaran. During his tenure at M-Ship Co., he co-designed the US Navy / ONR all-carbon, high-speed, littoral craft M80 Stiletto. In the sailing regime, Perrotti served as Performance Manager for Team Dennis Conner’s 2003 Stars & Stripes America’s Cup campaign and has a total of five America’s Cup competitions under his belt. His experience with model testing (towing tank, wind tunnel, open water) is extensive, as is his knowledge of on-the-water performance optimization. Perrotti co-designed the C&C 30 sport racer and the Alerion 30 cruiser and managed the production of these during his tenure as Senior Naval Architect at USWatercraft. He has contributed extensively to the restoration of the historic Twelve Meters Onawa and Columbia and the 1885 schooner Coronet, and to the creation of the classically inspired 90-foot carbon sloop Savannah. T.J. Perrotti is a graduate of Webb Institute of Naval Architecture, a member of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, and a former trustee of the International Yacht Restoration School. When away from the ocean, T.J. can often be found hiking and exploring in the mountains with his two sons.